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About Us

WellBrain is a Digital Chronic Pain and Behavioral Health Management platform that enables providers, and partners, to assess and manage patients using evidence-based tools and behavioral analytics optimizing non-opiate modalities.

Real-Time Insights Patient Outcomes

Physician Trackable Mindfulness

Virtual PT

Integrative Behavioral Health

Clinically-Proven, Clinically Validated Treatment Modalities

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American adults have one or more chronic conditions.


Annual US healthcare spend covers individuals with these conditions.


American adults have chronic pain.

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  • Clinically Validated Mindfulness Paths
  • Customized paths target specific areas
  • Real-time access to view patient progress

Chronic Pain is Different for Everyone

Chronic pain is an individualized experience that has many different root causes. A short-term, acute injury may turn into a systemic and complex disease state, requiring different diagnostic approaches and management strategies.


WellBrain treats the "whole patient" when it comes to pain

Health practitioners

We work with multiple different specialities to support our integrated approach to Chronic Pain.  This includes, Integrative Behavioral Health, Virtual PT, and Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Pathways unique to you

Use mindfulness guided meditation whenever you need it.

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Provider Oversight

Your provider will monitor your overall pain via our dashboard to ensure you are completing your mindfulness sessions and assessments. Unlearn pain with WellBrain.

WellBrain has demonstrated an 18% Reduction in ER Visits

WellBrain patients have seen 14% reduction in opioid Rxs in 5 weeks

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WellBrain Interventional Tools

We understand the demands of a practice, our unique toolset streamlines the documentation process and ensures compliance. This allows improved quality of care and grow revenues by $5-20k per month without increasing workload.

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Our Executive Team

  •  C-Suite Executive with breadth of experience in the healthcare technology field. 
  • Background includes roles such as CEO, CSO and COO.
  • Successful track record driving business strategy, architectures and business solutions.
  • Extensive involvement in M&A and post-acquisition restructuring, stabilization.
  • 5 pain practices to 30k
  • JCAHO Board Member
  • Visionary WB founder
  • Double Board-Certified Pain & Anesthesiology
  • Tai-chi Instructor
  • Stanford & Mayo Clinic Fellow
  • Stanford Critical Care
  • One of Stanford’s 1st pain physicians
  • Double Board-Certified Pain & Anesthesiology

The Platform - WellBrain Empowers Partners To:

Engage patients on any device, smartphone, desktop, iPad
Utilize clinically proven, clinically validated treatment modalities
Provide a customized more personalized approach
Assess patient's health longitudinally at home or in-clinic

What Our Customer Say

One of the greatest gifts is that I have learned that "I am not my pain." Pain is only a part of who I am and it rarely overwhelms me anymore. I simply use the techniques I have learned and deal with the pain, anxiety and/or depression in the moment, not as part of my whole day or my life.

Male, 58, San Antonio TX


In recent years I began practicing yoga, changed the style of massage I received and tried acupuncture, all of which reduced my pain and improved my quality of life. But it was not until my doctor suggested I begin working with Wellbrain and their mindfulness program that I actually took back the control of my life.

Female, 44, Maryland


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Start Using WellBrain Today

Patient completes an assessment via the iPad on their first visit. Their provider may also give them prescribed exercises in addition to mindfulness for a more integrated approach to treating Chronic Pain.  Providers receive insights to a patients progress in real-time.


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Unique solution for Medical Device & Pharma Industry Partners

  • A Platform to effectively measure the impact of their product via longitudinal patient reported outcome measures (PRO’s) of the therapy.
  • Focused on root causes of Chronic Pain: Cancer, RA, Chronic Migraine, Fibromyalgia and more.
  • WellBrain enables faster psych clearance and numerous revenue generating events for the provider.
    • 30-50% patients identified for a procedure are lost due to additional psychological requirements needed for approval and nationwide shortage of psychologists.

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Ready to give us try?

We have built a multi-modal approach to managing pain. Our tools allow us to personalize and customize care.