The future of chronic pain management and behavioral health integration

A digital health platform that helps you assess, engage, and monitor patients for improved outcomes

WellBrain is a digital chronic pain management and addiction prevention platform designed by doctors, for doctors. WellBrain's founding Stanford, Harvard and Mayo Clinic trained physicians were impacted daily by the lack of solutions for their patients. They designed WellBrain to help providers assess, engage and monitor patients physical and mental health over time and to make informed decisions about their care. WellBrain is helping providers across 17 states to offer the best quality of care and ensure optimal outcomes. We are proud to work with partners across the USA which includes but is not limited to:


Hospital systems + Device companies + Pain Specialists + Psychologists + Primary Care Providers + Orthopedic Surgeons + Neurologists and many more...

       Provider Side:                                                                                                                 Patient Side:  

       Desktop/Tablet                                                                  ​                                          WellBrain Go app

Our Story

WellBrain is a digital chronic pain management and addiction prevention platform designed by doctors, for doctors.  Founded by three Stanford, Harvard and Mayo Clinic trained pain physicians, WellBrain is designed to help providers understand their patients needs and facilitate optimal outcomes.  WellBrain allows providers to efficiently assess, engage and monitor patients and track their physical and mental health over time.  The ability to uncover valuable patient insights, document it, and offer data driven non-opioid modalities was and is the driving force behind the vision.  Today, WellBrain has grown since inception, into a valuable and robust toolset that providers can leverage to offer maximal quality of care, add an ancillary revenue stream to their practice, and protect themselves against risk in an ever more regulated environment.

Our Vision

Our founders had and have a vision where optimal outcomes take center stage.  A vision where optimal outcomes could be achieved with a better understanding of the whole patient, body and mind. This vision became their passion and the goal was to create a platform that could help providers uncover valuable insights about their patients, data to guide decision making, and tools to help better manage their chronic pain. Now WellBrain represents a paradigm shift in the assessment and treatment of patients with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other physical and mental health disorders. We are fighting back against the opioid epidemic!


WellBrain uses proprietary AI and machine learning technology that providers can leverage to uncover valuable patient insights and make informed decisions about patient care. As a double encrypted HIPAA compliant cloud based service, WellBrain streamlines the documentation process so that providers can

sleep sound at night reassured that they have a secure and robust paper trail and are in full compliance with the AMA in an ever more regulated environment. The WellBrain go app encourages patients to stay engaged from home with free mindful meditation paths and weekly sleep/mood/pain assessments to track their health over time. Recent studies have shown that when behavioral interventions are made
in the doctor’s office, they are much more likely to be effective over the short and long term.


How it works


Assess, engage and monitor patients easily through the WellBrain platform.  Choose from a broad list of standardized psych assessments.  View results quickly and easily to make informed decisions and ensure optimal care. 


Using WellBrain is a fast and streamlined process that helps uncover valuable information about patients without slowing down office visits.  Track results over time to accurately monitor patient wellness and improve outcomes.


Enroll in the program                                     1 minute

WellBrain provides iPads & training            30 minutes

Reimbursable physical/mental              5 minutes

health diagnostic evaluations

View results and evaluate                       1 minute

outcomes immediately.

Make informed decisions.                        2 minutes

Improve outcomes.

Track, engage and monitor                      1 minute

patients over time

Uncover valuable insights 

as patients engage with the                     1 minute

WellBrain Go App from home

Prescribe data-driven treatment            1 -30 minutes

options such as mindful meditation

31% of WellBrain patients reported a reduction of
physical pain by at least 1/3rd


WellBrain Provider Adoption

Green = Practices actively using WellBrain

Blue = Practices on trial, about to go live

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