Our Story

Chronic pain is real and is a 650-billion-dollar problem that impacts over 50 million adults today.  Up to 50% of patients with chronic pain are affected by severe depressionSuicide due to chronic pain increased 30% in past decade.  The total "economic burden" of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States is $78.5B a year

Statistics aside, people are suffering and struggling to find a better quality of life.  This is why WellBrain was started.  Three caring physicians wanted to make a difference with their patients who frequently just wanted opioids.  They knew that was not the answer to the problem.


People without chronic pain can’t begin to imagine all the subtle and surprising ways that it impacts daily life. “There isn’t a single aspect of my life that chronic pain hasn’t changed,” Amy says. “It’s not just my physical health; everything from the importance of the weather forecast to my workouts to my household chores to my mental health is affected.”



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Our Executive Team

  •  C-Suite Executive with breadth of experience in the healthcare technology field. 
  • Background includes roles such as CEO, CSO and COO.
  • Successful track record driving business strategy, architectures and business solutions.
  • Extensive involvement in M&A and post-acquisition restructuring, stabilization.
  • 5 pain practices to 30k
  • JCAHO Board Member
  • Visionary WB founder
  • Double Board-Certified Pain & Anesthesiology
  • Tai-chi Instructor
  • Stanford & Mayo Clinic Fellow
  • Stanford Critical Care
  • One of Stanford’s 1st pain physicians
  • Double Board-Certified Pain & Anesthesiology
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Our Vision

WellBrain is a mission driven company aiming to impact every person in the world suffering from chronic pain and behavioral health co-morbidities by providing leading edge technology and behavioral health solutions that allow them to live their lives to the fullest while delivering cost efficiencies throughout the healthcare ecosystem.  Assist stakeholders to better understand their patients and facilitate the process to a more productive life with limited use of prescribed medications and surgery. 

Meet Our Advisors

World class Medical and Scientific advisory board of top interventional pain physicians, anesthesiologists and orthopedic surgeons

Steve Shulman




John Watts


  • CEO Paradigm
  • Former CEO, $50B Wellpoint Consumer health

Dr. Jai Mehta


  • Investor & Board Member
  • Chronic Pain and Acute Pain Expert
  • Runs Successful VC and several exits


WellBrain uses proprietary AI and machine learning technology that providers can leverage to uncover valuable patient insights and make informed decisions about patient care. As a double encrypted HIPAA compliant cloud based service, WellBrain streamlines the documentation process so that providers can sleep sound at night reassured that they have a secure and robust paper trail and are in full compliance with the AMA in an ever more regulated environment. The WellBrain go app encourages patients to stay engaged from home with free mindful meditation paths and weekly sleep/mood/pain assessments to track their health over time. Recent studies have shown that when behavioral interventions are made in the doctor’s office, they are much more likely to be effective over the short and long term.

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