WellBrain for Providers

  • Objectively assess patient’s behavioral status in real time
  • Customized panels including psych clearance and Global BHI
  • Expedite prior AUTH requirements including psych clearance hurdles within 3-5 days
  • Reduction in ER visits & Opiates, while alleviating psychological symptoms
  • Multiple, validated clinical treatment modalities
  • Seamless EHR integration
  • Multiple revenue generation streams
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WellBrain knows everyone's pain is unique

Chronic pain is an individualized experience that has many different root causes. A short-term, acute injury may turn into a systemic and complex disease state, requiring different diagnostic approaches and management strategies.


WellBrain treats the "whole patient" when it comes to pain

Health practitioners

We work with multiple different specialities to support Behavioral Health Integration

WellBrain for Enterprise

Add a behavioral health component to your platform

Add Mindfulness content via Mobile application to your current offering

Full API Integration with development support

Add Virtual PT, Mindfulness and Behavioral Health to your platform

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About Us

WellBrain is a Digital Chronic Pain and Behavioral Health Management platform that enables providers, and partners, to assess and manage patients using evidence-based tools and behavioral analytics optimizing non-opiate modalities.

Real-Time Insights Patient Outcomes

Physician Trackable Mindfulness

Virtual PT

BHI - Behavioral Health Integration

Clinically-Proven, Clinically Validated Treatment Modalities